Break your Glass Ceiling! Live Your Dreams!! Be a Part of The PE 100 Club!!!

The PE100 Club is an exclusive Coaching and Mentoring Club.

Membership places in the PE 100 Club are limited and protégées get to be personally coached and mentored by Pastor Eddie Iduoze who is himself a market place leader and has managed to break several glass ceilings both in the market place and in his personal life.

Pastor Eddie has committed to personally mentoring 100 people only in the next 5 years. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the chosen few?

We would be honored to welcome you on board this amazing Coaching and Mentoring Club if you choose to join us today. 

Membership to PE 100 Club includes:

FREE BOOK – “Break Your Glass Ceiling” by Eddie Iduoze
  • One – to – one Monthly Mentoring Session via telephone / 
Skype- 45minutes
  • Group Coaching via telephone / Skype – MP 3 files will be made 
  • Weekly MP 3 file of Christian Messages
  • 20% off Audio CDs and DVDs Products
  • Opportunity to network with other members of the PE100 club
  • Invitation to Quarterly Dinners and / Breakfasts

VIP seats at Live events and training programmes
  • YOUR SPOUSE JOINS FREE!!! – This Total Package is also made available 
to your Spouse if applicable

To find out more about Joining The PE 100 Club, simply send an email to