Career and Business
Are you thinking about a new career or about taking the next step towards boosting your career? Are aspiring to start a business or planning the strategy to take your business to the next level? Our range of career and business training programs ensure that you are thoroughly skilled to fulfill your career and business aspirations. Go to our Career & Business Solutions Centre for more information.

A solid spiritual foundation is fundamental to living a productive and fulfilled life. Our discipleship programs are designed to help Believers at different stages of the faith spectrum grow spiritually. Whether you an unbeliever, new believer or a growing believer, there is a training program designed to help you grow at a steady pace until you become the Christian that fulfills his or her God given purpose. Click here for more information on our discipleship programs schedule.

Social and emotive
Are you socially challenged? Is raising your teenage child or raising children on your own or managing your relationships and such like life issues weighing heavily on you? We provide training programs that will enlighten you on how to deal with these life issues along with counseling to help overcome individual challenges. For details on coming training events, please click here.