Young Leaders Club – Ages 3 – 9 years
Gateway Chapel has a vibrant children’s church that exist to provide children with biblical teachings and life skills every Sunday. This group is run in creative manner where the children are divided into their relevant age categories and taught with learning materials as appropriate.

Pre-Teen Club – Ages 9 – 11 years
At Gateway Chapel, we have a pre-teen club that is put together to benefit children in this very delicate age of development. As well as the spiritual aspect of development, the preteen club provides activities that includes, team building away days, leadership development programmes and many other creative help for preteens. The preteen group meets officially every Sunday morning during the second service. All children this age are welcome.

Youth Mentoring Ministry – Ages 11 – 19 years
Gateway Chapel really believes in the developing our youth for both physical and spiritual growth through careful and attentive guidance to not only biblical issues but the everyday challenges that we all face as human beings.

The Mentoring Ministry is a great opportunity for all Gateway Chapel youth to be able to pair up with somebody of like-mind and character in order to develop their own forming character and values through open conversations and relationship-building advice.

Aside from their individual relationships, the youth have access to the Pastors on a fortnightly basis through a Teenage Forum in which they gather to discuss issues affecting all areas of their lives and receive practical and helpful advice.

Youth Club – Ages 13 – 19 years
Sunday School – but not as you may know it. Through interactive discussions and Bible study, the Gateway Chapel youth are able to break-down and analyse The Word of God in ways that can reach every level of their understanding as well as build up their faith by looking at the opportunities The Bible presents to learn from the experiences of others.

Of all the values of Gateway Chapel, in nowhere will you find fun more greatly appreciated and executed. Keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming outings and opportunities to spend time with the youth.