What do you need to do to grow spiritually?
How can you increase your spiritual ability to maximise life’s opportunities?


First Step

This is a four-week training program tailored for new or young believers or those who just want to reinforce their spiritual foundation. We all come into the faith having a lot of questions that need answers. These sessions are very interactive and provide the opportunity to ask question and have clarity on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Best of all, these classes are online! Grow from the comfort of your home.

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Step Up

Designed to build on the first step classes, this four-week training program will build on that foundation to answer the question of “where do I now go from here”? and ensure that each Believer has a clear understanding of who s/he is in Christ and the spiritual resources available for growth and development.

You can register for Step Up classes at the same time as First Step.

Word of Life Academy (WOLA)

Having graduated from the First Step & Step Up classes, you are well equipped to benefit from the curriculum taught in our bible school: The Word of Life Academy (WOLA).

The goal is simple: we want to empower you so you can live a life of purpose and fulfilment. Through our Bible School, we have created a forum for us to learn and grow together so that every one of us can become a beacon of light and hope to the people we engage with in our everyday professional and social interactions.

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